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Standards of Service

Public Trustee is committed to excellence when providing services to customers.

Our staff strive to meet the needs of our customers in a professional and ethical manner with courteous and efficient service.

Principles we live by to get the TICK from our Customer:

Timely and responsive communication

  • we get information to you quickly
  • we answer your queries quickly
  • we give you the information you need when you need it and the way you need it
  • our information is accurate on our website and promotional material


  • we listen
  • we are always polite, positive and respectful
  • our facilities are welcoming

Cases managed well

  • our information is accurate and we manage our records in accordance with government adequate records management practices
  • we partner with you to manage your affairs/estate and to meet your needs
  • we prepare individual case plans
  • we ensure that all personal information is recorded accurately and kept secured
  • we provide seamless services across our organisation

Keen to help

  • we strive to work with you to help solve problems
  • we find the person who can help you as quickly as possible
  • we communicate regularly on what we can or can’t do for you

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