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Complaints Process

If you raise a concern or complaint, one of our staff will contact you to acknowledge this and a written response will be sent to you.

In addition to raising your concerns here there are additional steps that you can take to try and have it resolved.

Firstly, contact the Officer you have been dealing with and explain the problem to them. It is highly likely that they will be able to resolve the issue quickly and informally.

If the issue is not resolved by the Officer then it can be formally investigated and reviewed. Your complaint will be recorded in our database you will be sent an acknowledgement for your own records. The relevant manager will investigate the situation and a written response will be sent to you within ten working days. However, additional time might be required for the investigation and review if the situation is complex and you will be informed of this.

Please be assured that there will be no negative consequences for you if you make a complaint.

If you are unhappy with the response from the manager, then you can request that the matter be reviewed by the Public Trustee, who is a Statutory Officer within the Attorney-General’s Department. You must make this request in writing and send it to the Public Trustee either by post or email.

The Public Trustee
GPO Box 1338

Email: pt.enquiries@sa.gov.au


If the matter is still not resolved to your satisfaction then you can contact the Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman is available to assist people who have complaints against the administrative actions of South Australian Government departments or agencies, and can be contacted via the website or phone (08) 8226 8699 or 1800 182 150 (country SA toll free).

Please be aware that if you have not attempted to resolve the issue with us then the Ombudsman may request that you do so before the complaint will be formally recorded and/or investigated by them.

Public Advocate

If you, or the person you are assisting, have a mental incapacity and their issues have not been resolved through discussion with us, then they (or you on their behalf) can contact the Office of the Public Advocate for assistance.

Phone (08) 8342 8200 or 1800 066 969 (country SA toll free).