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Funds Management

Public Trustee is able to offer funds management services to certain eligible people and organisations. The people and organisations are generally customers of ours but include:

  • Wills customers of Public Trustee
  • Beneficiaries of estates and trusts administered by Public Trustee, when funds would otherwise be distributed. These investments can be supplemented with the investor’s own money.
  • Trustees of estates and trusts
  • Trustees of charitable funds
  • Religious organisations
  • Public Funds
  • Statutory Funds
  • Trustees of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

We offer an investment service with strategies and products that deliver performance and security, whilst keeping fees low. Our approach is to always manage assets prudently.

If you are eligible we can assist with your investment needs, whether you wish to invest in short term cash deposits or to acquire growth over a longer term.

Our investments include international and domestic shares, fixed interest, property (including infrastructure), and cash. These assets are managed internally, as well as externally through a network of  expert fund managers.

The fund managers are engaged only after a rigorous review process which includes advice from an external investment consultant. All  managers are monitored closely to ensure they perform to our  requirements.