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Taxation Services

Public Trustee handles a large number of taxation returns each year. We are available to assist with your tax return no matter where you live in Australia, and you don’t need to be an existing Public Trustee customer or beneficiary for us to assist you in preparing and lodging your tax return.

Our qualified and highly trained taxation officers can help maximise your benefit by identifying deductions and tax offsets that you are eligible for, some of which you might not even know about. We are able to electronically lodge your tax return with the Australian Taxation Office, which means you may have your return in as little as fourteen days.

In addition to income tax returns, we can help with:

  • Planning and/or advice in relation to matters such as capital gains tax, rental properties, businesses, and/or shares.
  • Tax preparation and advice regarding superannuation and termination payments.

While there is no inheritance tax in Australia, you may be required to pay tax on any income you earn from an inheritance (for example, rental income from a property you have inherited).

The amount of tax you may have to pay will depend on your personal circumstances and the total amount of taxable income you have received from all sources in a particular financial year (for example, income from employment plus income earned from an inheritance).

If your total taxable income, including the income earned from your inheritance, is above the tax free threshold, or if you are required to lodge a tax return for other reasons, then the income earned from your inheritance must be included in your personal income tax return.

The income of a trust is taxable. It is possible that the trust, your child, or both may have to pay tax on this income.

If your child is entitled to a taxable income from the trust, and is one of our customers, we will send them (or their parent/guardian) a tax summary after the end of each financial year. The summary will advise the amount of taxable income and whether any tax has already been paid from the trust.

Your child may need to lodge an income tax return depending on their personal circumstances. This is a complicated taxation matter and we strongly recommend seeking professional taxation advice. We are experienced in these types of taxation circumstances and we are happy to provide advice to you.

We can certainly assist with preparing your personal tax return. We are a registered Tax Agent and have many years of experience in preparing personal income tax returns. Our fees are charged on a per hour basis, and these fees are deductible against income in the year that tax fee is paid.

Imputation credits (also known as franking credits) are tax credits that are attached to some dividend income. Imputation credits are refundable and can reduce the tax you have to pay or even result in a tax refund depending on your personal circumstances.

We can prepare your personal income tax returns when the Power of Attorney or Administration Order in place gives us permission to. There are some Power of Attorney and Administration Orders that will not give us the authority to prepare your tax return. In these cases, you or your legal representative can appoint us as your Registered Tax Agent independent of your Power of Attorney or Administration Order.

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The Public Trustee can be contacted on (08) 8226 9200 or on 1800 673 119 (country SA toll free) between 8.45am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. You can leave a message outside these hours and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively visit the Contact Us page for more contact options.