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2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey

In 2016, Public Trustee undertook its sixth customer satisfaction survey.

Public Trustee surveys customers as normal business practice to continually develop service improvement. We have found the best way to get feedback from our Personal Estates customers and/or their liaison person is to conduct a survey by telephone.

Overall, the 2016 customer satisfaction survey found that satisfaction with services remained high and had improved in most areas, particularly for our executor services (Deceased Estates) customers:

  • The overall response rate was 29.5%, a slight decrease on 2015, but still indicating the results are representative of customer opinion;
  • On average, 87% (an increase from 84% in 2015) of our customers would recommend Public Trustee to others;
  • For all services, most respondents indicated they were receiving a high level of services;
  • When asked to make suggestions for improvement, 24% of respondents voluntarily provided compliments about our services; an increase of 3% over 2015 responses; and
  • Some customers said that they would like to see improved communication, more timely services and process improvements.

The excellent survey results reflect the pride taken by Public Trustee staff in the professional services provided on a daily basis.

Customer feedback continues to underpin the work of Public Trustee in Will-making, executor services and personal financial management for Personal Estate customers.

Details of the survey results are available on this website (About Us/Customer Satisfaction Survey).