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Communications to Customers

The Evaluation Report, by the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, of the Practices, Policies and Procedures of the Public Trustee has been tabled in Parliament.

The Evaluation found that management and staff of Public Trustee are dedicated to the service of customers and have been working continuously to improve that service.

We have made a number of significant changes in recent years and the improvements have been acknowledged and discussed in some detail in the Evaluation Report.

The report can be found at the following link https://icac.sa.gov.au/

In 2016, all the staff of Public Trustee were shocked and saddened when Ms Alana Bartels, a former staff member of the deceased estates section, was charged with abuse of public office. The impact of the fraud has been difficult for everybody at Public Trustee.

Following Ms Bartels’ arrest, Public Trustee responded quickly and made a number of necessary changes, some of which were reviewed as part of the Evaluation. The aim of the improvements was to immediately reduce the risk of any further corruption, misconduct or maladministration.  The Evaluation has confirmed this work was timely and appropriate.

A brief response by the Public Trustee to each recommendation of the Evaluation is included in Attachment 2 of the Report.

Many of the changes proposed by the Commissioner require additional funding. Accordingly the report will need to be considered by Government.

If you wish to contact us about the Evaluation Report, a dedicated customer information line has been established. Please ring on 08 8226 9280 if you have an enquiry.

Email enquiries can be made at www.publictrustee.sa.gov.au/contact-us/request-for-information.

As the Commissioner has recognised, Public Trustee provides essential services to its customers and the people of South Australia and we are all committed to ensuring we fulfil these functions to the highest possible standard.