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Power of Attorney Administration

When we accept the role of attorney, we will receive written instructions from the customer regarding the actions we are to take on their behalf. Our appointment could be to manage the whole of a person’s finances, or to manage specific assets, income, and/or legal matters. Our services may include paying regular accounts such as electricity, chemist, telephone, and/or accommodation fees. We may also manage more complex matters such as property management, the sale of real estate, and/or management of an investment portfolio.

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We will always seek the guidance of our customers on the decisions we make on their behalf if they retain the legal capacity to contribute to the management of their own affairs. However, if the customer no longer has sufficient mental capacity, we will continue to act on their behalf in line with the responsibilities of a trustee in our role as their Enduring Power of Attorney. We will always take into account, when making decisions on their behalf, the instructions and wishes provided to us by the customer at the time the Enduring Power of Attorney was made.

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