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If the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) has appointed you as an administrator, then it means you have taken on the management of the financial, legal, and business affairs of a person who is unable to manage their own affairs.

Being an administrator is an important responsibility, and it is essential that you are well aware of what your duties are. The Guardianship and Administration Act 1993, provides formal details of what you need to do as an administrator and we recommend that you become familiar with the Act.

To assist you to understand your role and carry out your responsibilities with clarity and confidence, we have prepared the Private Administrator’s Guide that covers all aspects of your role. We strongly recommend that you read the entire guide to familiarise yourself with its contents.

Private Administrator’s Guide (PDF,2mb)
Private Administrator’s Guide (DOCX,809kb)

The template you will need to prepare your initial annual financial report is provided here in various formats.

Initial Statement of Assets and Liabilities (DOCX, 51kb)
Initial Statement of Assets and Liabilities  (PDF, 249kb)

The templates you will need to prepare your annual financial reporting are provided here in various formats. Click here for notes to assist in preparing your reports.

Annual Statement of Accounts Template (XLS, 98kb)
Annual Statement of Accounts Template (DOC, 33kb)
Annual Statement of Accounts Template (PDF, 148kb)

This Statutory Declaration, once printed and completed, must be signed, witnessed and provided with your annual financial reports.

Statutory Declaration (DOCX, 19kb)
Statutory Declaration (PDF, 395kb)

Please contact us with any questions or queries.