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Will Appointment Checklist

To make your Will appointment as quick and as easy as possible please bring along the following:

  • Your current concession card to prove eligibility
  • One other current proof of identity such as a driver’s licence, passport, or proof of age card
  • A list of your assets and their current worth
  • A list of people whom you wish to be beneficiaries stated in your Will, including the full legal and correctly spelt name, address, and date of birth for each individual


Assets/Holdings What to bring to the appointment
  • The model, year, and registration details of any vehicles you own; including motor vehicles, caravans, boats, and/or motor bikes
  • All Security Reference Numbers – these can be found on dividend statements
Funeral Arrangements
  • Details of any prepaid funeral plan/policy and/or funeral bond/prepaid monumental works
Bank Accounts/Term Deposits
  • Recent bank account statement along with account numbers.
  • The name/s of your Fund/s
  • Your Member number/s
  • The company names and reference numbers relating to your life or life or funeral policies
Overseas Assets
  • Details regarding any international assets you have
Other Assets
  • The trust deeds, partnership agreements, and/or articles of association relating to private companies, partnerships, and/or family trusts
  • Details of any digital assets such as online betting accounts
  • Details of any outstanding liabilities, such as a home loan or other loans, including loans to family members.
What to think about before your appointment
  • Whether your house is mortgaged and to whom
  • The location of the Certificate of Title and what the title reference is
  • Whether you own your property with one or more other people as either Tenants in Common or Joint Tenants
  • Whether there are any loans against any of your vehicles, and to whom these loans are owed.
  • Whether the shares are held jointly or individually and where your capital gains records are held
Funeral Arrangements
  • Instructions with respect to your burial or cremation
  • Whether there are named beneficiaries and/or whether you have a binding nomination
  • Whether you have any beneficiaries nominated in relation to your funeral and/or life policies
Furniture and Effects
  • The estimated value of these items
  • Any specific items that might need a separate mention in your Will (especially those of a higher value and/or of sentimental value, for example, original paintings and/or service medals)
Other Information
  • Your wishes in relation to the guardianship of any children under 18 years of age